Monday, April 19, 2010


             Food are the most essential to us because food provides us the energy and to support in our life span. Without food or beverages, we can’t survive and we will starve to death. For this subject, we will be learning about food can be modify or improve so that the appearance or even the taste will be better. Many people have created many kinds of food in order to fulfill consumer or even the creator itself for the pleasure.

As mentioned before, the subject that we learning now are Food Innovation and Design. As beginning of the semester, we told by our lecturer that we will be group by 3person each group and also creating a new product of any food or beverage for I-food Exhibition event that will be held at Kelana Jaya Pintar campus in student lounge and dated on the 14 of April 2010. My group member has come up with an idea that nobody that ever think. That is the hacks flavor biscuits, this biscuits has a mild taste of hacks flavor and we must do 6 lab tests to improve our experimental product before the event date.

Within the lab test period, we have confronted many problems to make the biscuits to be crunchy. So we tried many ways to improve the biscuits taste and appearance so that it can be present to the judges that judging our biscuits. This event also our finals result marks and it consists of 40% out of 100%.

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