Monday, April 19, 2010

During the event day

On that day, we must come to unitary and gather in the kitchen about 9am to have a short briefing with our lecture. Then, me and another group member name Aisyah need to stand by at the table and decorate our table in the unitary student lounge that located at block B. We are place beside another group called them self the foodwonders. They create a butter that has mustard seed inside. At about 10am, we must dress up with full kitchen attire and decorate the table as well as the biscuits because the VIPs will be coming to student lounge. About 11am, the VIPs walked in to the student lounge, we greet them by applause and the event starts with a short speech by Muhamad Naim Kamari, Assoc. Prof. Dr. before start judging the contestants product. Unexpectedly, TV3 Jalan-jalan Cari Makan host Maria Tunku Sabri also attended as one of our judges that evaluate our product. The judging will starts after the speech and all the contestant are prepared to be judge. After judging the entire products are conduct, one of the judges will announce the results.While waiting the judges to evaluavate, we present our product to the student who paid for the enterences fee and the lecturers or other people. In the end, 3rd runner up was nut vade, the 2nd runner up was by Eric group because I forgot their product and the winner was pumpkin cake by Alisa group. The hamper presented by Maria Tunku Sabri. Lastly, Maria Tunku Sabri from TV3 will give out lucky draw that had been chosen. About 12pm, the event is finally ended and we need to clean up our table and also pack our leftovers to the kitchen. Lastly, our lecturer gives us another short briefing about the finals marks and course work marks and sign the attendance right before me go.

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