Monday, April 19, 2010


 Our Pictures taken together in various ways....

Our table decoration.

Our simple and easy to understand brochure

Our table from the top angle view.

A picture taken my group member with  VIPS.

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·       Amar’s Uncle

Conclusion and Recommendation

We have learned a lot what is food innovation and design, we really must appreciate the knowledge that we receive from our lecturer and other students that support us in this semester. As a food inventor, we must create the product that are taste good and always try to upgrade the recipe to get results. And lastly, thanks to the student and lecturers that support the product that we have created. And also thanks to the organizer who organized the I-Food exhibition for giving us the exposure in competetions.

Group food inno would recommend try new recipe of fisher man’s friends biscuits by swap the hacks sweets.

Problem that we had face

We the problem that we faced was many people will not dare to try our biscuit because many people do not like hacks sweets. The 1st impression for them was like eating hacks sweet eventually was not. But once they had tried it, the students will start to feel the biscuits were nice to eat because giving a nice aromatic smell and taste from the biscuits. Another problem was the table, the table was too small and lack of space to put more biscuits or plates for decorations. Other than that, the there’s no other problem that we faced.

As I mention before, the table was given too small. For my suggestion, the table should not be shared and also if can provide chairs for us because we are not robot. Another recommendation hope the organizer can improve their service and be more well organized.

After the event day

We learn more about food innovation by observing the other members product. Although we did not win, but we had gain the experience that hardly we could experience. Not only unforgettable experience that we have gained, we also gain the knowledge that we had never had it before. But, we must complete our report as been told by our lecturer before Tuesday because lecturer wanted to key in the carry marks as fast as she could. Exposure to competition is a good activity for a student to do.

During the event day

On that day, we must come to unitary and gather in the kitchen about 9am to have a short briefing with our lecture. Then, me and another group member name Aisyah need to stand by at the table and decorate our table in the unitary student lounge that located at block B. We are place beside another group called them self the foodwonders. They create a butter that has mustard seed inside. At about 10am, we must dress up with full kitchen attire and decorate the table as well as the biscuits because the VIPs will be coming to student lounge. About 11am, the VIPs walked in to the student lounge, we greet them by applause and the event starts with a short speech by Muhamad Naim Kamari, Assoc. Prof. Dr. before start judging the contestants product. Unexpectedly, TV3 Jalan-jalan Cari Makan host Maria Tunku Sabri also attended as one of our judges that evaluate our product. The judging will starts after the speech and all the contestant are prepared to be judge. After judging the entire products are conduct, one of the judges will announce the results.While waiting the judges to evaluavate, we present our product to the student who paid for the enterences fee and the lecturers or other people. In the end, 3rd runner up was nut vade, the 2nd runner up was by Eric group because I forgot their product and the winner was pumpkin cake by Alisa group. The hamper presented by Maria Tunku Sabri. Lastly, Maria Tunku Sabri from TV3 will give out lucky draw that had been chosen. About 12pm, the event is finally ended and we need to clean up our table and also pack our leftovers to the kitchen. Lastly, our lecturer gives us another short briefing about the finals marks and course work marks and sign the attendance right before me go.

Before the event day

Our lecturer has given us 5 times to improve product in class, we did many ways to improve our biscuits. One week before the event that was on the 7th April, we produce our biscuits for the I-Food Exhibition. We produce around 230 pieces of biscuits and it caters for about 200pax++. And we also went to meeting with the organizer of the event that is students from tourism and management course people to discuss the event day. We had discussed about the position of the contestants and what we should do during the event. Each side has 5 tables and each table can hold for 2 types of product. We also had given orders from the organizer each group divide into 2 parts, that is 1 member help in the kitchen and 2 of the member outside present the product. Our lecturer told us to create a brochure and name cards to attract more customers. Even before the event started, we must think theme to decorate our booth or table.