Monday, April 19, 2010


We total had 9 classes, 1st lesson, angel cake, second lesson, bread and yeast and for the third lesson were fruits. After those 3 classes, we start our own experiment by doing lab test till the exhibition day. On the 7 April of 2010, we finish our product and it can be present on the following week that was at 14 April 2010. For 14 April 2010, where the I -food exhibition starts. On that day, the exhibition starts at 9am and ended at 12.30pm.

For the following day activities:
Start                            9am

Welcome VIPS         10.30am

Short speech             11.15am

Judging time             11.30am

Announce results      11.55am

Lucky draw                12.15pm

End                             12.30pm

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