Monday, April 19, 2010

Before the event day

Our lecturer has given us 5 times to improve product in class, we did many ways to improve our biscuits. One week before the event that was on the 7th April, we produce our biscuits for the I-Food Exhibition. We produce around 230 pieces of biscuits and it caters for about 200pax++. And we also went to meeting with the organizer of the event that is students from tourism and management course people to discuss the event day. We had discussed about the position of the contestants and what we should do during the event. Each side has 5 tables and each table can hold for 2 types of product. We also had given orders from the organizer each group divide into 2 parts, that is 1 member help in the kitchen and 2 of the member outside present the product. Our lecturer told us to create a brochure and name cards to attract more customers. Even before the event started, we must think theme to decorate our booth or table.

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